January 7, 2021

Tunes Past to Present Introduction


Next month will see the launch of Tunes Past to Present. Tunes Past to Present is a podcast where I explore new music through the lens of the music of my youth, predominantly rock, dance, and punk.

Let’s face it. As you head into your mid-forties and beyond, it can be difficult to find new music that suits your tastes. You might listen to the radio in your car only to find that it’s mostly yakking about anything but music. Much of the music that they do play on the radio is not the type of music that anyone over 12 could possibly enjoy. The radio is no help.

Streaming services offer a massive buffet of new and old music. It should be easy to find something there that is palatable, right? Not really. The recommendation engines focus on serving up music that you already like and rarely are useful at introducing new music to people who are not new to popular or rock music. You could make your way through playlists but there is a lot of chafe to pull out before finding a handful of wheat.

What’s ironic is that much of today’s music is influenced or downright made to resemble music from the 60s, 70s, 80s (especially), and 90s. In other words, the music of our youth. It’s easy to connect to if you know where to look.

That brings us to this podcast. This is space where we connect the music you love with the music of some incredible artists today. The secret to that space is curation. I seek out the best new music for people whose tastes were forged in the great music of the past but who want to hear something new and refreshing. So join me as I unveil the bonds between the music of today and yesterday.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with continuing to enjoy the music from out early days. Instead, this podcast hopes to expand on those likes. Together we will discover new music that draws from the rich legacy of the 1960s through the 1990s. What could be better than something new to listen to.