August 19, 2022

Ryan Adams’ FM is Pure Power Pop


I haven’t had time to listen to the whole album and write a review but the new Ryan Adams album, FM, is an amazing homage to late 60s power pop. “FM” has been the name of a number of albums, songs, and movies throughout the years. Most notably is the Steely Dan song and 1978 movie. With a title like that you might expect a survey of rock styles from the golden and silver age of rock music.


Ryan Adams has, instead, created a power pop album in the style of Big Star. The lead off song, “I Want You”, comes right out of the Alex Chilton songbook from the Big Star era. It just continues from there with lush guitar riffs, harmonies, and lyricsabout forlorn love.

Unless the album self destructs at the end, FM is likely to be my favorite album of the summer. I love power pop and this is power pop done well.