April 21, 2023

Praying at the Exotico Temple


Temples is one of those bands that can be hard to peg. Part neo-prog, psychedelia, and stoner band, Temples makes music that calls back to weed-fueled styles and yet is as fresh as new bud.

The latest album, Exotico, is prime Temples. It’s a blend of Yes and Genesis type prog rock, and Pink Floyd and Beatlesesque psychedelia. To this potent mix, Temples adds 80s dream pop and even a a small bowl of pop. It’s good tunes for your head.

With all of this swirling around your head, one would think it would seem as stale as month old sativa. Nope. There is just enough originality and modernity to keep this from tasting like your father’s pipe that’s been left in the attic since Sublime.

Exotico is on par with the best of Temples. It’s worth a hit for sure but I bet it will something you will want more of.