July 12, 2022

Listen to Lachi


While I work on my next full review, I wanted to introduce you to an artist who is new to me and goes by the mononym Lachi. While watching an episode of cultural history channel PBS Origins on YouTube, a channel I highly recommend, I encountered Lachi as a guest speaker. The episode was on the blind, black musician trope and it’s cultural origins. Lachi herself identifies as blind and is an advocate for people with disabilities.

Lachi creates within the EDM and dance music space. Her vocals, however, are influenced by the blues and soul. Unlike most pop performers, she has an amazing voice. She is also one of the few vocalists that I know of who actually use a Vocoder to enhance rather than ruin good music. Lachi has a way of elevating dance music from it’s often trite disco tropes to real artistry.

As is common in the EDM community, Lachi is usually found working with other musicians. That’s good for them since Lachi lifts up their combined work beyond what her collaborators can do by themselves. This is a one plus one equals five scenario.

So, if you have nothing to do (or lots to do) while waiting for my next review, check out some of Lachi’s work from whatever service you stream your music. It will be worth your time.