November 20, 2022

Follow Me on Mastodon


I know, everyone you know is moving from Twitter to something else, possibly Mastodon. Some dislike Elon Musk’s politics. Others just think he’s an entitled ass who is trashing Twitter. Both may also be true, perhaps likely.

For me, it’s a bit different. Given the sheer amount of engineering talent that has flown the coup (see the joke there), I’m concerned about it’s stability and even it’s future. So much so that I’m leaving Twitter for Mastodon. This isn’t an easy decision. I have over 1000 followers – not major influencer numbers but not nothing. I have tweets going back to the mid-2000s. There’s a bit of history there.

However, when I looked at the overlap between Twitter and my other social network followers, it was about 90%. Now, while I’d like everyone to go over to my Discord server, I know that’s not happening soon. I might lose 10% of my followers by moving off Twitter.

So, like so many others, I’m taking a stab at Mastodon. I’m sure you don’t need a technical primer about Mastodon from me. Sufficient to say, it’s a distributed, open platform as opposed to a centralized one that is owned by a billionaire with delusions of grandeur. If you are looking to join, you will find me on the server. My handle is @DJMRP. That’s two @ signs because that’s how you write addresses on Mastodon. If you search for me you’ll find me.

As for Musk, I DO think he’s an entitled ass with lousy politics. I think that of a lot of tech CEOs. Those other CEOs are at least trying to build or maintain their companies. With Musk, however, it’s like watching someone pour gasoline and start flicking matches at the puddles. I don’t want to stick around for the conflagration.

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