May 15, 2023

Christine and the Queens Makes Me Cry Happy Tears


I just started listening to three of the latest Christine and the Queens songs that are arranged as a mini Ep on Spotify. I’m hoping this is the harbinger of a new album emerging soon (or at least soon-ish). This collections of songs proves that an artist can be creative, incorporate a diversity of styles, and not have it become a hot mess. Too many artists fall into the only producing the same stuff over and over or stretching too far and falling flat. I’m looking at you Billie Eilish.

The first of the songs “Tears can be so soft” is like the Portishead/Air collaboration that we never saw but want. Trip hop beats combine with mellow vocals to create an emotive piece that belongs in your breakup/make out playlist. In contrast, “True love” with 070 Shake provides a wonderful simplicity with minimalist beats and traditional R&B vocals. The final song in this sonic triptych is more classically Christine and Queens (if that means anything) of slow but danceable beats that rise in intensity as the song progresses. There is a bit more guitar than usual but it’s done deftly.

The only thing missing are any French language songs. I think it would be a mistake to make this an English only album. The beauty of the language and the cadence it imparts to the songs helps set Christine and Queens apart from other artists in the English language markets.

So, now we wait and see when, or if, an album drops. My fingers are crossed.