April 7, 2023



Over time, my cadence of writing articles has, shall we say, diminished. There are three reasons for this. First, I feel like I’m in a music lull. There’s not enough good tunes that make me want to spend two hours putting together an article. That might be me or might be a trend. Either way, I’ve slowed my pace.

The second reason for my slowdown is time, plain and simple. When I started Tunes Past to Present, during the pandemic, I had a lot of free time. Now? Not so much.

Finally, I don’t think that I’m accomplishing my mission which is to bring good tunes that resonate with an older crowd to my readers. It takes too long to do an in-depth analysis of an album, listening over and over again. By the time I’ve done all that – listen, listen again, analyze, write, edit, and finally publish – weeks have gone by unless I dedicate time to the article that I no longer have. Subsequently, by the time I publish, an album is no longer all that new, even to me.

So, I’m changing things up. from now on I’m going to write short quick pieces that alert you all to great bands or albums in a quick and easy manner. Articles will be no more than a few paragraphs. That way I can quickly write something the minute I hear of it.

I hope you all will like this new, fast format.