April 29, 2021

Billie Eilish – Your Power


Ok, I’m a fan. I’ll give a few minutes to get over a punk rocker/prog rock Billie Eilish fan. You all done? Good.

Eilish’s new song “Your Power” dropped today. It’s a quiet, minimally orchestrated, mostly acoustic song that sounds like it was from the 70s singer songwriter era. It’s as if Bread wrote a song that was not stomach churning and then got Eartha Kitt to sing it. Billie’s signature vocal style turns a song reminiscent of drippy 70s soft rock and melds it into a light jazz number. Somehow, Billie and Finneas take two forms of music that make me gag and made it good to listen to.

And it is good. Quiet, slow, and a love song. “Your Power” is for that moment in the rom com when the two lovers finally come together and kiss. This is not like previous Eilish songs. It sounds more mature and catches your attention but not because it is loud or has a pounding beat. It asks for your attention; It does not demand it.

The singles that Billie Eilish has recorded since the beginning of the pandemic have been diverse and show her evolution from pop song to serious musician. I’m looking forward to seeing how she puts all of them together into an album.